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WHat we do & Why

Simply put, we collect used bikes, fix them, then distribute to those in need through our 60+ Pedal Partners. We serve rural and urban low-income kids, adults and families, at-risk youth, minority and immigrant populations in Northwest Arkansas.

Our mission is to increase the number of people using bikes for health, transportation, or recreation. While our program is based on “free” bikes, we suggest recipients pay what they can with $20 being a goal. We also provide free helmets with every bike.

our pedal partners

Pedal Partners are organizations that connect with underserved populations in Northwest Arkansas. This includes schools, the Department of Veterans Affairs, mental health clinics, youth organizations, judicial system (drug courts, probation offices, reentry programs, public safety), churches, homeless shelters, recovery programs, foster care & family support programs, and more. We currently have dozens of active partners, and many of them have developed a bicycle-based program supporting their mission. 
They made my kids' Christmas!! Amazing people. I am so Thankful for their help.

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Each year, Pedal It Forward NWA distributes bikes to kids, parents and those in need.

Supporters & Affiliations

As with any organization, there are ongoing needs and financial obligations that must be met. While our bikes are donated, we have the cost of refurbishing bikes and purchasing new helmets, along with the rental of our shop space. There are marketing needs to ensure we're getting the word out about our program. And we have to manage the logistics of delivering the bikes. As the list continues, our gratitude grows for our thoughtful sponsors and affiliations. Thanks to their generous support and donation of their time, money and resources, we’re able to put more people on bikes every day!
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Don Butcher, Sr.
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Matt Crafton Pedal It Forward Board Member

Matt Crafton

Pedal It Forward Board Member
Matt Crafton is the President & CEO of Crafton Tull, a 250-person architecture, engineering and surveying firm with offices in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Matt has served in numerous community and professional organizations and was the co-founder of the Rogers Cycling Festival. In his time away from the office, he enjoys riding his road bike and coaching his son's baseball team.
David Tovey Pedal It Forward Board Member

David Tovey

Board Member
Co-founder, President
The "day" job - corporate retail architect, designer, inventor .
Interests - road and gravel riding, mid-century modern art and furniture collector, vintage bike restoration, fly fishing.